2013-07-14 21:59:40 by wolfky

HEY EVERYBODY small favour i make video commentary and gameplay vids on flash and indie games but i need your help check out my channel share,comment,like i would appreciate it greatly thank you 7C3hj4g


2013-02-23 19:15:21 by wolfky

Hey everyone help me on Deviant art by visiting me and commenting on my work any suggestions on what i should do please tell if any one wants me to draw somthing just ask thats all thx bye
Also Freind me on facebook my name is Kairu healey you cant miss me ^_^

Visit Me ;)

2013-02-22 21:49:45 by wolfky

Visit my page on Deviant Art I plan to do a hell lot more art work and maybe other things as well

Hello ;)

2013-02-22 21:07:58 by wolfky

So i ges im back but im not animating any more just want to post some art work and see how i can improve bsically

Uhg! i need help

2011-09-03 22:24:43 by wolfky

I just cant seem to animate very well. I cant bring myself to do it ive lost motivation >.< Help :( what should i do?


2011-09-02 12:52:52 by wolfky

Animation is Finnished !!!! yayer posted it this morning and the coments were helpfull. im planning on making a full body animation soon may take a while tho so in the mean time its just gonna short animations hope you guys like the animation :D!!!!

Animation finnished but....

2011-09-01 20:02:57 by wolfky

My animation is finnished but i want to use some music from newgrounds is that alowed or do i have to make my own????


2011-08-30 21:46:02 by wolfky

Still working on the animation strugling to finnish it >.< Cant seem to come up with a good ending or even a ending that i can animate.... !! that makes life harder!! anyway its about 1140 frames now. I think it will be about 1500 frames long not sure....But anyway i did some art work on a character design i came up with check em out in my arts tab :D!!!

Nearly done :D!!!

2011-08-30 02:39:24 by wolfky

Well nearly finnished with my animation whoo hoo!! But it would of been done sooner if i spent more time on it. Ive been losing my motivation lately it kinda puts you off and you dont get things done. But anyway the of my new animation will be called "The Hunter Vs The Hunted" Dont know exactly when its gonna be finnished but it deffinatly is coming to its end so so i hope you guys enjoy it when it comes out :D!!!

!!!!!I NEED HELP!!!!!
I drew this character in flash thinking i could just post in the art portal and i found out that it needs to be a JPEG,PNG or GIF file so how do i convert a SWF file into one of these

Heya Peep's

2011-08-23 20:36:13 by wolfky

Hey Guy's working on my 3rd animation havint come up with a name yet but when it's finnished i guese i would have come up with a good name :)BUT...... i need help with animation techniques somthing like Sprinting,Punching,Kicking,EFFECTS!!!,
Blood just little stuff like you know???. But if anyone out there can give me example flash files ill be very gratefull thankyou! :D